Why not get prepared with SOSAVE sandbag for a next hurricane and heavy rainfall?

  • Flood comes, how to keep your house safe from water?

    SOSAVE sandbags are the solution to prevent homes from flooding!

    SOSAVE sandbags are an innovative sandbag

    SOSAVE sandbag is an instant sandless sandbag, originally it's 400 gram, after dipping in water for 3~5 minutes, it grows to be 15±3kgs.It preserves its
    characteristics and you will use again if the occasion requires for flood protection.Order Now Download

What is SOSAVE sandbag?

Flood Control SOSAVE Sandbags

Easy Carriage
Easy Storage
Easy Installment
Strong outer
Can reuse

SOSAVE sandbag is an innovative instant sandbag. It is a jute bag with another inner bag as a special double layer structure bag.when it is dipped in the water, the fuctional material contained in the bag swells and increases its starting weight up to 50 times.In this way its volume becomes...


How to use SOSAVE sandbag for flood protection?

How to use flood control sandbag: image 1 0f 3 thumbHow to use flood control sandbag: image 2 0f 3 thumbHow to use flood control sandbag: image 3 0f 3 thumb

Ecologically compatible, can be reused!

Thanks to the excellent structural quality and its materials, once used, it is possible to store it for future reutilization for flood prevention. The functional material contain in the hessian bag is ecologically compatible,It will totally biodegrade after put underground for 2 years.Within the 2 years, it could be used as nourishment for the soil to keep plants, flowers, grass grow better.Or you can discard it definitely after used.It's totally ecologically compatible.Order Now

Places to use SOSAVE sandbag before flooding?

Thanks to its quickness of use and easily mouldable, SOSAVE sandbags are a perfect flood protection & flood defence to protect your houses, garages, workshops, stores,basements from floods caused by the rain and overflows of rivers. Moreover, you can reuse it for leakage of water from household appliances and piping.It's an ideal flood defence assitant to your house and business.

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Where to find SOSAVE sandbag?

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