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Sosave Co,.Ltd today introduces the innovative Sosave sandless sandbag flood defense products for homeowners, business owners and governmental agencies around the world. Sosave uses a proprietary biodegradable polymer that absorbs water to form a sandless sandbag. Delivered as a flat 400gram bags, they absorb up to 15 kgs of fresh water within five minutes, forming a dense gel that blocks and redirects water, while forming to each other or adjacent structures for a tighter fit than traditional sandbags. Because they are stored dry, they are cleaner, lighter, more effective and easier to use in the places and times when sandbags are most needed.

“Sosavebag are lightweight, compact, clean, efficient and superior-engineered alternative to the mess and limitations of sandbagging,” said Mr David Ho, General Manager of Sosave Co,.Ltd. “Once activated, Sosave sandless sandbag can be placed to mitigate and redirect floodwater. Sosave are 100% biodegradable, but keep water at bay for three months, and have a guaranteed shelf life of three years or more when sealed in original vacuum pack.”


Floods are the number one most common natural disaster in places where have coastal area, rivers, lakes etc., for example over 700 million dollars was caused in damage in 2010 in the US and most homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA encourages home and business owner to prepare for floods in part by safeguarding your possessions and property.


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