Places to use SOSAVE SandBag!

 instant sandless sandbags

Military Training Bunker
For military shooting training or shoo TM ting games,a box of SOSAVE bag can help fast build a bunker.

instant sandless sandbags

Flood Control

Control flooding by depoyment of TM SOSAVE bag just like traditional sandbags.Please refer to Page 10 for instructions.

instant sandless sandbags

Building Protection

Divert the flowing water. Pro tect your home , your business , your library, your museum.

instant sandless sandbags

Landslide Prevention

Heavy rainfalls cause landslides and a quick deployment of sand bags is required. SOSAVETMbag is instantly shaped sandbag, can work fast during this urgency which normally requests a large workforce.

instant sandless sandbags

Work Site Protection

The SOSAVETMbag works well for protecting your worksite. It is easy for a work crew to carry a box of 50, which will give lots of protection.

instant sandless sandbags

Soak Spills

TM SOSAVE bag is great for soaking up spills. Got any pipe spills in the house or basement?Throw some bags down and let them go to work for you.


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