The British heavy rains soak eight hundred houses

 According to Xinhua news agency, the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed 25, rain and winds caused flooding in England and Scotland area, soak 816 houses, killing at least two people.

The meteorological department warned, northern England and Scotland on 26 may lower the heavy rain.

The British began 22 day rainfall, accompanied by strong winds, wind maximum speed 110 km. Meteorological department issued more than 80 flood alerts, mainly in the southwest and middle of England. Emergency response agencies say, residents face of danger, more than 100 households evacuated.

The British Meteorological Bureau said, part of a maximum of 60 mm rainfall, surface water, rainfall duration.

In Bedfordshire Mir Brook Cornish village, live in a local BBC reporters, the village of 24 floods, part of the regional water of 1.5 meters, 40 residents to evacuate.

Hundreds of road due to flooding closed, several train cancel. Cornwall county and adjacent Devin County Community in the isolated state. Authorities identified closed hydronephrosis Road, advise the public to reduce unnecessary travel.

Storm caused two deaths and two injuries

As of 26, heavy rains caused two people death, two people were injured.

The southwestern city of Exeter a tree 24 days down, killing a 21 year old female. When she hides in the roadside tent, on the way to hospital of wounds. Two other people were injured.

The police said, a 70 year old man 22 later in Somerset County trapped in the car died. At the time of his car into the river, the water level rises, he died of suffocation.

In the west of England County Wilt of Malmesbury, bar owner Tom Hudson 25, said: "the water has fallen a lot, but I have to find some sandbags, because the weather forecast says later today is raining. The road on both sides of the housing bubble in a meters deep water, furniture in the room. "

British Prime Minister Tony Cameron in micro blogging website message, that Cornwall southwest rural disaster degree to let him " shocked", promised that the government " will make every effort to help the disaster areas ".

New rain drops

Emergency department, the disaster is stable. However, weather forecast, northern England and Scotland on 25 may be sustained rainfall.

" We expect the next 10 to 12 hours will be dropped heavy rain, we recommend people indoors, keep safe and prudent. " A police spokesman said " sharp, if you think your property may be threatened by floods, in torrential rain intermittent preventive measures, for a possible evacuation preparation. "

The British Automobile Association, special operations executive Daron Bernice said: " in the affected area, must think twice before travel. Then go out not good, not worth the risk. "

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Gunderson said: " another round from the Iberian Peninsula deep low pressure over the weekend will be arrived here ... ... Is expected to bring rain and gale of 7 class above. "

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