Obstacles and challenges after Sandy

 New York (CNN) -- Pockets of frustration among cold and hungry residents festered Friday in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, even as other areas sputtered back to life.

The biggest challenges in places like New Jersey and Staten Island -- where the majority of New York's storm-related deaths were recorded -- include food and electricity shortages.
Across 15 states and the District of Columbia, utilities reported that about 3.3 million customers remained without power. Some may stay in the dark for at least another week, reported area utility companies PSE&G and LIPA, the Long Island Power Authority.
People shivered, their heads peeking out from bulky sweatshirts, waiting hours at stations to fill their gas cans.
In New Jersey, where people are not allowed to pump their own gas, Gov. Chris Christie ordered odd-even rationing for purchases in 12 counties, with the hopeful goals of cutting lines and preventing a fuel shortage.
People in the affected counties with a license plate ending in an even number will be able to purchase fuel on even numbered days; the opposite being true for people with plates ending in an odd number.


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