Heavy rains flood at least 6 basements in Washington City

Summary:Flash flood waters rushed into at least six basements and filled streets in Washington City after heavy rains fell on the area Friday night.

WASHINGTON, Washington County — "Seems like this year has been our year to get hit with floods." Washington City Fire Chief Brent Hafen and his crew pumped flash flood waters out of at least six basements after heavy rains fell on the area Friday night. "This is like the third or fourth time we've got flash floods," Hafen said. Every time the rain has come, it has hit the Coral Canyon subdivision, where law enforcement, fire crews and volunteers spent the evening lining the streets with sandbags. Houses in the neighborhood took in as much as 6 inches of water, Hafen said. None of the residents were displaced Friday night, and emergency cleanup crews were on hand pulling up carpet and setting up fans to dry out the homes. Homes in a nearby trailer park also suffered exterior damage from rushing waters, though none were flooded, Hafen said. Once the situation was under control, Hafen said he was keeping his eyes on the "black, heavy clouds" to the east as the final minutes of the National Weather Service's flash flood warning expired. "At this point right now we've pretty much got everything cleaned up from the first round and hope we don't get another one," Hafen said. Heavy rains pounded on the east side of Washington City, while nearby St. George got only a sprinkle, Hafen said. Crews from the St. George Fire Department came up to help their neighbors with sandbags. "It's such muddy, crappy water," Hafen said, grateful for the assistance.

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