About Sosave Sandbag

What is SOSAVE sandbag?

SOSAVE sandbag is an innovative instant sandbag sandbag. It is a jute bag with another inner bag as a special double layer structure bag.when it is dipped in the water, the fuctional material contained in the bag swells and increases its starting weight up to 50 times.In this way its volume becomes a flood defence barrier in case of water overflow.


SOSAVE sandbag A great useful bag in life:

Flat packed - Expand in water - Flood Prevention & Protection is easier with SOSAVE sandbags. Using an emergency sandbag is easy and can prove an important flood defence in an area where flooding is a threat. Flood alerts may not give you sufficient warning, but a SOSAVE sandbags can be stored easily, so you are ready to defend your home or business. To ensure safe installation, always use enough SOSAVE sandless sandbags to double the depth of any floodwater expected.


SOSAVE sandbag Features:

  • SOSAVE sandless sandbags are supplied in a protective wrapper and will last for 5 years.
  • An average doorway will require 13 – 14 SOSAVE sandless sandbags for flood defence and you should stagger the layers like a brick wall.
  • The sandbags are made of a jute material together with a thin layer of cotton/nonwoven bag and they contain a water absorbing material.
  • To activate yourInstant Sandbag Immerse them in water for five minutes and they will grow to around 15±3kiloes in weight for flood prevention.
  • To dispose of the sandbags simply allow them to dry and after 2-3 weeks can easily be disposed of after flooding.



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